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Vcl.js takes the Delphi/VB approach into the HTML5 world,providing a full stack for a true web RAD development.Build Node.js&.net web app


VCL.JS is a TypScript component based framework for enterprise web application.

VCL.JS is a TypeScript framework that does all of the heavy work that you'd normally have to do by hand.
There are tasks that are common to every enterprise web app;
VCL.JS does those things for you, so you can focus on building business logic and UI.

These are the features that make VCL.JS a joy to use:
- Visual Component Library- include Page,Grid,Input,Gauges,Charts and many more
- Pure TypeScript/Javascript
- Single page application
- .Net Backend
- Data binding
- Simple database query execution 
- Routing
- Twitter bootstrap 
- AMD - Module loader


Friendly APIs help you get your job done faster.

//Simple dbgrid bounded to a query
import V = require("VCL/VCL");
export class PageHome extends V.TPage {
  constructor() {

    //create a backend query
    var qur = new V.TQuery(this);
    qur.SQL = "SELECT CustomerKey, FirstName, LastName FROM Customers";;

    //create a grid on the screen
    var grd = new V.TDBGrid(this, "grid");
    grd.Dataset = qur; //bind the grid to the dataset
    grd.PageSize = 15;

    var col = grd.createColumn(“FirstName”);
    var col = grd.createColumn(“Lastname”,”Last Name”);


Getting Started

For a getting started please refer to our website.

You may also use the visual studio plugin in which includes everything you need to get started.



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